Everybody Clap Hands (live at Elizabeth Forward Middle School)

by Josh and Gab



here's a live version of "Everybody Clap Hands!" performed with Elizabeth Forward Middle School on August 31st, 2012.


playground, when you're on the playground
when you're on the playground and you'd rather be inside
smile at all the friends around you
and the kids that you don't know, too
and here's something you can try

everybody loves a song, so...
everybody clap hands!

school bus, when you're on the school bus
when you're on the school bus and it's a really bumpy ride
you're jumpy, your lunch was kinda lumpy
or maybe you're just grumpy
well, here's something you can try:

you may find your fears are gone when...
everybody claps hands!

everybody clap your hands!


released 31 August 2012



all rights reserved


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